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Some of our most asked questions for our wedding photography
How far in advance should i book ?
 The simple answer is... As soon as possible, not only us as your photographer, but also your venue, band and videographer all get booked often years in advance. Sometimes you might get lucky and we would have a booking in 6 months time but this is not always the case. How do i book & what do you need ?
 after your inquire, we will put a provisional booking into our calender, this will give you two weeks to decide. if you decide you would like to go ahead and book, get in contact with us and we will give details for payment of €200 to secure your date. This is a non-refundable deposit and Once the payment is received, your date is confirmed in our calender. Can we meet before the wedding ?
 Absolutely, We usually try and meet up with all of our couples before the big day, be it a first meeting to get to know us, to ask questions or to get the final details of your big day. if you would prefer not to meet up we can carry out all consultations via phone, email or facebook messenger if you would prefer.
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Do you travel ?
 We are based in Wexford. Included in our price is travel up to 150km in total for your wedding day. If it works out that we have to travel more than 150km in a day we charge a reasonable extra amount. This might have to include a stay over. We work out our distance using google maps. What time do you start on my wedding day ?
 We usually start one and a half hours before you leave for your ceremony. This can vary and if we need an earlier start there could be an extra charge. we will discuss this with you at the time of booking.
How long do you stay at our wedding ?
 This depends on the package you choose, packages can be viewed here. we both leave at 5.30pm on Our silver package. if you choose our gold package one of us leaves at 5.30pm and the other stays until a few dances after your first dance. our platinum package means that both of us are with you until a few dances after your first dance. Unfortunately we do not stay later than 10.45pm (UNLESS YOU WISH TO PAY EXTRA) and if the band has not started before this time we would either not cover the first dance or have to charge extra for the time.
Do you only do posed photos ? No, in fact most of the photos that we take are candid shots. we do the posed family photos and some romantic set up photos which are important to make sure you have, but because you will have two photographers on the day, one of us will be taking candid shots while the other photographer is setting up for a more posed shot. How many photos do I get? This is very Dependant on the day, how many photos you would like to be taken of you, your guests willingness to be in photos and other events during the day. A silver shoot is generally somewhere between 400-600 images, a gold 500-800 and a platinum anywhere between 600-1000 photos.
Do I get to see all the photos you take ? No, Due to the speed of the cameras we use, we could take up to 12 photos of the same image, we would use the best one from that set. Also some of the photos could be out of focus, under or over exposed, we would fix the setting and take that shot again and not show the others. we also won't show photos that aren't the most flattering of images, e.g. eyes closed, mouth open or accidentally tongue sticking out (we know that sounds mad but it happens so often!). a tip to remember as well is that we delete most photos where a bridal dress is being adjusted, especially at the bust! Do you retouch the photos? Whilst we do use Photoshop, we do not do heavy edits. We do colour correction, eye transplants (e.g. where someone has their eyes closed), Black and white conversion and some other light edits. If you would like some heavier edits such as a person removed or added to a photo there would be a charge, this is due to the time it takes for the edit. all subjects in photos are kept to their natural beauty, we do not edit facial lines, hair, waists or enhance any part of the body. we will of course edit out bruises and cuts if requested.
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How long before I get to see the photos? This is dependent on a number of factors including the time of year and how many weddings we have at the time of yours. we will have a preview of what we feel are a good selection of your most important moments within two-three weeks. we will have the remainder of your photos as soon as possible after this. Can i make copies of the photos ? Yes please, we do ask if you are having photos printed that you do use a high quality printer, a lot of work has gone into each photo so that they are ready to be displayed as best they it should. Some fast printing services do not show this quality, especially the colours and brightness. Share away on social media but we would be very grateful if you would tag us. Do you offer an album service ? Yes we do, with our platinum package an album is designed and created to your specification but if you go for one of our other packages we can price up an album for you, the current album cost (for the album included in the platinum package) is €450. replicas can also be ordered as parent albums.
Do you require food? if one or both of us are staying until the first dance we would usually take a break during your meal. We are extremely grateful when the couple offer us dinner inside the reception or at the bar but we would never expect this kind gesture. However, there are times that we would need to be provided with a meal, this could be, for example, in a marquee or at a venue that doesn't serve bar food whilst a wedding is taking place. We will inform you if this is the case. Do you have insurance? Yes we are fully insured for public liability, if your venue requires a copy of our insurance details, please contact us as soon as you can. We would also recommend a couple get wedding insurance, this would cover you for any circumstance that may arise before your wedding. Do you provide a video service ? No, we do not provide a video service however we work with a number of fantastic videographers based in the south east and would be more than happy to recommend some for you.
Can other people take photos during our wedding ? Absolutely, Whilst we welcome videographers and guests capturing the day, of course they want to get their memories captured too, we need to ensure we are able to complete the job we have been paid to do. We will closely liaise with employed videographers on the day to ensure all parties get the best from the coverage that they can. We are the sole photographers directing the photography shoot on the day and will ask any guest who intrudes on this to cease from their behaviour. Only the photographers and the videographer will be positioned at the front of the ceremony and main photo shoot. These are just a selection of questions, if you have anymore, please contact us and we will try to answer as soon as we can. Click here to contact us
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